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How to Dry Your Hair Safely and Quickly

Life moves fast and we don't always have time for everything. Discover how to dry your hair fast and easily so that you don't waste any time!

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Did you know that improperly drying your hair can lead to damaged hair? When you inadvertently attack the outer layer of your hair, the cuticle cracks open

Then, you are left with dull, dry, frizzy, and brittle hair that is even more likely to get damaged. It's a terrible cycle! 

Read on to learn how to dry your hair quickly and without causing damage to your locks.  

Wring It Out

Many of us make the mistake of going from the shower directly to a towel and then the hairdryer. 

Not only does this lead to more heat damage, but it also adds a lot of extra time. Plus, pulling a brush through wet hair causes damage.

The best way to keep your hair frizz and tangle-free is to comb your hair in the shower. Do not brush it while wet. 

Get into the habit of wringing out your hair. Once you turn off the water, wring it out by twisting it in both directions in the shower. Starting off with hair that isn't sopping wet will cut your dry time down significantly.

Gently Does It 

Remember, when hair is wet, it is more fragile. Avoid roughly combing through it with a brush or roughing up hair with a towel. 

Use a towel to squeeze excess water out gently. Rough towel drying promotes frizz and breakage so don't do it.  

Fast Drying Hair Towel

The secret weapon for how to dry hair fast is to invest in a quality hair towel also known as a hair turban.

These specially designed small towels are perfectly designed to tightly secure your hair to get out all the water. Plus, they are made of microfiber which is super absorbent and doesn’t damage or cause frizzy hair.

Pop your hair in and twist up. Leave the towel in while you get dressed, do your makeup, and so on. Ideally, you want to leave the towel in for at least 10 minutes.

When you unravel the hair towel, squeeze your hair gently to remove any leftover water. Do not rub it!

Leave it Loose

When your hair is partly or almost dry, you might be tempted to tie it up or cover it with a hat. 

Yet, even when hair feels mostly dry, it still needs airflow in order to fully dry. Also, putting slightly damp hair in a hair elastic may cause an unflattering kink once you pull out the elastic.

Give your hair the feel of the air to allow all the water to evaporate. Air drying your hair is the best!

Blow Drying Your Hair

We already talked about the benefits of letting your hair air dry. Yet, sometimes, you will need to blow dry it.

When you do, be sure to follow these tips to keep your hair looking great.

Remove Excess Water

Just like when you air dry, you need to get out as much water as you can before you start. That way you avoid having blow dryer heat on your hair for extended amounts of time. 

Wear your hair towel the same way you would when air drying. Then get started.

Leave the Bathroom

Blow drying your hair in the bathroom takes much longer than necessary. Why? Because the humidity from the hot shower and all that steam slow you down.

Instead, move to your bedroom or another washroom in the house to dry your hair.

You will be amazed at how much more quickly your hair dries. 

Focus on Your Roots

Your roots are the spot where your hair is densest. This area takes the longest to dry. Spend the most amount of time on your roots.

Be sure to keep moving the dryer to new spots to prevent damage. You don't want to point the heat at one spot. Otherwise, your roots will overheat.

Once your roots are mostly dry, dry the rest of your hair in sections. You can pin up the top of your hair and dry the under layers.

As those become dry, lower additional sections of hair and dry those. Finish with the top layer. 

Use the Right Tools 

People are surprised to learn that a big part of how to dry your hair fast has to do with your hairbrush.

There are certain brushes that you should avoid at all costs and others that will help tremendously.

Never use a boar-bristle brush on wet hair or when blowdrying. Yet, this a great option for making dry hair smooth.

To blow-dry your hair, use a paddle brush or a vented brush with smooth bristles. Vented brushes glide through hair and the vents let moisture out. 

You should also make sure you have the right blow dryer and attachments. The tools you need will depend on whether your hair is curly or straight. 

Stop at 80% Dry

Another common mistake people make when blow-drying their hair is to dry it to bone-dry levels.

You want it to be about 80% dry before you move on to another section of hair. This tip will limit the amount of frizz. Also, there is heat and wind from drying other sections that will finish the job.

Now You Know How to Dry Your Hair

There you have it! Now you know how to dry your hair in two methods. Whenever possible, air-dry your hair with the help of a hair towel. When you need to, follow these blowdrying tips to keep your hair healthy.

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