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Holy Grail: 5 Tips to Help You Choose the Best Hair Towel

So you're looking for the one. Don't worry. With these 5 tips, you'll find the best hair towel, and you'll never go back to regular towels ever again.

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You've just taken a nice hot shower. You've delicately washed your hair through and through and it's now time to step out into the cooler air to begin drying off. After using your body towel to dry your entire body off with, what's the next thing you do? 

We're going to bet that the next step you take is to wrap that large, heavy, and now damp towel around your hair. Did we guess right? If so, it might be time for you to start discovering hair towels. 

Hair towels are made for drying your hair the correct way. Using a hair towel is the best way to ensure that your hair remains as healthy as possible. However, it's essential that you purchase the best hair towel on the market.

Doing so ensures that you give your hair the best treatment possible. Are you ready to find the best hair towel for you and leave those heavy body towels in the past? Continue reading below for 5 tips to help you choose the best hair towel!

1. 100% Cotton or Microfiber Material

A hair towel that's made from either 100% cotton or microfiber is an optimal choice. Cotton is an excellent choice because it soaks up water better than many other materials. This is due to cotton containing absorbent fibers within it. 

Cotton is also biodegradable, making it friendly for the environment, which is a huge plus. If you'd like to try out another material other than cotton for drying your hair, then a hair towel made of microfiber is your best bet. Microfiber is made of a variety of fabrics that also absorb well like cotton. 

Both material options are great ones, so when selecting a hair towel, be sure that it's made from one of these two kinds of materials.

2. A Grip that Stays in Place

You wrap your hair up, walk out of the bathroom, and begin to complete your normal daily activities. In a perfect world, your hair would stay wrapped up tightly while you get household cooking, cleaning, and other tasks done. However, this is only a fairy tale at the moment, because it doesn't take much for your hair to slowly fall out of the towel it's wrapped in.

You begin to spend more time rewrapping your hair than you do actually getting stuff done. You need a hair towel that has a grip that stays in place. We don't realize how important this is until we're in the middle of switching out laundry and our wet hair falls and smacks us in the face. 

A hair towel with a good grip will keep your hair up and out of your face without problems while it dries. 

3. A Light Towel 

Placing a large heavy towel on your head just sounds uncomfortable. This is even more true for those who have long hair. The weight begins to affect your neck, shoulders, and back. 

It's also a lot harder to dry your hair with a towel that's heavy and too big for your head. Instead, you need to find a light towel that's made specifically for drying your hair. A smaller, lighter towel won't pull down on your shoulders or hurt your neck while you're trying to get some housework done. 

Aside from weighing down on you, a large heavy towel pulls at your hair in several directions. When this happens, your hair can break or become damaged. Using a light towel prevents your hair from being damaged, tangled, or pulled out completely.

4. A Towel that Dries Hair Quickly

After washing your hair, you most likely don't have hours to spend on drying it. When throwing it up in a large body towel, your hair only stays locked in for so long before falling out. When it does fall out of the towel, what's your next step?

You probably take the towel, dry your hair with it a bit by rubbing it around your head and then toss it in the dirty laundry. Now you're left with semi-wet hair, so you take a hair blow dryer to dry it fully, or you let it air dry.

If taking a blow dryer to your hair is your normal routine, then you're causing damage to it each and every time you do this. Instead, choose a hair towel that will securely hold your hair in place to dry it quickly without harsh heat. 

5. A Variety of Designs and Styles 

The last thing that you want to take into consideration before selecting a hair towel for your hair is your style! That's right, who said hair towels have to be basic and boring? Go with a hair towel that comes in a variety of designs and styles. 

With a good selection to choose from, you won't have any trouble finding a design that suits your personality. Once you find your favorite hair towel design, you can start drying your hair in style! You won't feel embarrassed to walk around with a towel wrapped around your hair ever again!

Have You Tried the Best Hair Towel for Your Hair Yet? 

Are you using the best hair towel for your hair? If the towel you're using to dry your hair doesn't meet these tips listed above, then it's time for a change. To use a hair towel that's going to impress you by meeting each one of these points listed above, you need to try the Turbie Twist!

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