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Have You Been Washing Your Hair Wrong?

Let's face it--you're washing your hair the wrong way. From overwashing to drying, learn how to wash your hair for the ultimate radiance here.

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Did you know that a whopping 68% of American women are unhappy with their hair?

From bad hair cuts to the wrong products, a lot can go wrong with our locks! If you're struggling with a do that just won't work, there are a number of things that could be to blame.

One factor you might not have thought of is the way you're washing your hair. From over-shampooing to promoting frizz with bad towels, so many women out there are cleaning their hair in all the wrong ways.

If you think you might be guilty of not washing your hair properly, read on to find how to.

How Often Should You Wash Hair?

When it comes to how to wash your hair better, less is always more! Hair definitely doesn't need to be washed every day, and doing so can actually lead to a whole host of problems, like excessive oil production. If you have oily hair it may seem counterproductive to wash your hair less, but it could be the key to cutting down on greasy locks.

Washing your hair three times a week is more than enough, and if you can get it down to two then all the better! Start by pushing your hair wash out by one day, hiding any oils with dry shampoo or a stylish up-do until it adjusts, and then push it another day. Trust us, your hair will thank you for it. 

Avoid Nasty Ingredients

Some hair products are absolutely full of nasty ingredients. These are awful for both your hair and your scalp, and can lead to dry, damaged locks.

One of the most notoriously bad ingredients is sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), along with its counterparts sodium laureth sulfate and ammonium lauryl sulfate. It's the ingredient responsible for foaming up your shampoo and leaving it feeling squeaky clean, but it strips your hair of all the good, natural oils it needs and is way too harsh! You should also look out for parabens, alcohol, and synthetic fragrances.

By opting for a shampoo that's free of these ingredients and gentler on your hair, you'll be left with healthier, happier locks that are ready to shine!

Keep Your Water Lukewarm

It might be tempting to get into a steaming hot shower at the end of a long day, but if you're washing your hair this isn't a great idea. High temperatures can open up your hair cuticle and rids your hair of natural oils, leaving your hair looking dull, limp, and lifeless. So turn down the temperature of your water to warm rather than hot and transform your locks!

At the end of your shower, quickly go over your hair with cold water. This will close the cuticle again, locking in your conditioner and preventing any breakage when you get out of the shower.

Condition According to Your Hair Type

If you're wondering how to wash and dry your hair, don't forget to condition! But not all hair should be conditioned the same way.

If you have fine hair, keep the conditioner to the ends to avoid it from weighing down your roots and choose a more lightweight product. Thicker, dry hair will benefit from conditioner all over the lengths and left in for around five minutes, and a deep conditioning mask should be used once a month for an extra boost. 

To clear up what kind of conditioner you need, here's a guide to what the different words mean to help you find the best products to wash your hair:

  • Hydrating: adds moisture and¬†shine¬†while smoothing hair. Great for thick, curly hair
  • Volumizing: perfect for fine hair that needs a boost at the roots and a conditioner that won't weigh your locks down
  • Strengthening or fortifying:¬†ideal for damaged and¬†processed hair that's prone to breakage
  • Smoothing: nourishing and smoothing to help reduce frizz for straight hairstyles
  • Curly conditioners: designed to moisturize hair, reduce frizz, and define curls

That should help you pick out the right conditioner for you!

Don't Scrub or Blow Dry - Twist!

After you're out of the shower, the hair washing tips don't stop! There are a lot of mistakes to be made when drying your locks that can lead to breakage, dryness, and dull hair.

One of the biggest mistakes is to scrub your hair with a towel, which is far too rough. Scrubbing can cause a tremendous amount of breakage, increasing your split ends and flyaways. Instead, twist your hair gently in a Turbie Twist which will dry your hair gently, preventing frizz and helping your hair stay strong.

If you can avoid blow-drying, do. The more heat you put on your hair the worse its condition will become, and unless you're in a rush there really is no need! Look into heatless styles to discover more about how you can get beautiful locks without damage. 

What About Post-Wash Treatments?

Post-wash treatments are great for adding an extra boost to your hair and targeting any problems you might be dealing with. But, you don't always have to use them. The only time a post-wash product is essential is if you're going to use heat on your hair, in which case you have to use a heat protectant - no exceptions!

If you have damaged hair, you can use extra treatments to add hydration and protein. If you're going for a certain look, products like smoothing creams or curling sprays can help you reach your style! Add these in while your hair is very wet to avoid them weighing down your hair.

Try Washing Your Hair With These Tips

Washing your hair is something you've always done, but that doesn't mean you've been doing it right! Be sure to try out these tips and see how it transforms your hair.

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