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Hair Salon Services at Home: The Best Gifts You Can Buy

Hair salon services may be hard to access, but with these cool gifts, hair care at home is easier than ever. Click here.

Hair salon services at home


If you and your loved ones have been spending more time at home than ever, you may be looking to maintain your hair while still staying socially distant. When many salons and barbershops are closed to the public, your beauty-loving family and friends are likely feeling the strain.

Luckily, you can recreate most hair salon services at home!

With the holiday season coming up, give your loved ones the gift of at-home hair salon services! These products below will make a great gift set to anyone who's been fretting over the state of their hair.

How To DIY Hair Salon Services

The best thing about these gifts isn't the gifts themselves. It's the fact that you can treat your loved ones to some much-needed self care after a difficult year. Who doesn't want to sit back and revitalize their hair?

Accompany these gifts with other beauty items to give an entire home spa experience. Add nail polish, face masks, and scented candles to show that you care. With these presents, you're not just giving items: you're giving an experience.

Also, offer to give your loved one a spa day! Offer to draw a bath, help wash their hair, or keep the kids entertained for a day while they relax.

The Best Gifts For Hair Care At Home

Go beyond the average boar bristle brushes and nice-smelling conditioners. These gifts are a step above, carefully curated to help recreate the hair salon experience.

These gifts are great on their own, but would also all make great components for a "self-care basket". Read on to find out which present would be best for your friend!

1. Satin Pillowcases

Satin pillowcases are essential in protecting hair and preventing frizz. Unlike cotton and polyester pillowcases, satin pillowcases don't take the moisture from your hair while you sleep. Cotton pillowcases cause friction between the fabric and hair, which leads to split ends and damaged strands.

However, satin pillowcases cause little to no friction and help hair to become smooth and shiny. They're also good for skin, as they won't trap oils like cotton does. Satin pillowcases are a small treat that will make a huge difference!

2. Lush Hot Oil Treatments

You probably know Lush for their bath bombs and jiggly soaps. But did you know they make hot oil treatments too? These fun, good-smelling treatments are perfect for at home hair care.

There are plenty of options, from jasmine-infused treatments for curly locks to tea tree treatments to brighten dull hair. These hot oil treatments come on popsicle sticks and melt in water for easy application. They're easy on the wallet, too!

3. The Turbie Twist

Microfiber towels are all the rage in the hair care community, and for good reason! Microfiber towels take less moisture from your hair, and keep it from tangling together. The Turbie Twist is the original microfiber hair wrap!

The Turbie Twist is better than a regular towel because it holds hair in place without adding tons of extra weight. It's curly girl method-approved, too! The twist comes in a myriad of fun patterns, so you can express yourself even in the bathroom.

Turbie twists are also great for people who are trying plopping for the first time. It holds hair securely while still retaining moisture!

4. Hair Cutting Scissors

If you've ever impulsively chopped at your bangs with kitchen scissors, you know that it does not yield great results. Dull scissors can cause split ends, frizz, and endless tangles. But when you can't go to a hair salon, how do you keep it trimmed?

Haircutting scissors are the answer! These scissors are extra-sharp and precise. They're perfect for at-home trims, even for beginners.

You can find hair cutting scissors at most beauty supply stores. Gift a pair of scissors with a nice comb or barrel brush. Or use the scissors as an add-on to a bigger hair-focused present!

5. Hair Masks

You're already familiar with face masks, but what about hair masks? Hair masks work the same way face masks do: take the mask, apply it all over your scalp and hair, and rinse it off afterward.

Different hair masks create different results. Some are made to brighten dull strands and bring volume to flat hair. Other masks are deeply moisturizing and made just for curly hair!

If you want to pick the perfect hair mask, ask the recipient about their hairstyle woes. Shop accordingly! You can find effective hair masks on just about any budget.

6. Cordless Curler

This unique present is a must-have for any hair enthusiast. When curling hair, the cord always gets in the way and makes styling too stressful! Cordless curling irons are an innovative and handy solution.

Cordless curlers work by using either rechargeable or replaceable batteries. You can also find some cordless curlers that are fueled by butane! Read reviews of the curlers before purchasing to make sure it will fit the recipient's lifestyle. 

Though they're a fairly new piece of technology, a cordless curler doesn't have to break the bank. There are tons of affordable models that perform just as well as their high-end counterparts.

Give The Gift Of Good Hair

We hope this guide has helped inspire you for this gift-giving season. It's been a tough year for everybody, and the gift of self-care is the best you can give right now. These at-home solutions for traditional hair salon services will make your gift recipients glow.

For more handy ideas and product recommendations, check out our blog! At Turbie Twist, we take pride in not only providing great towels and hair care but also knowledge and ideas. Flip through our blog for more informative and fun articles!

Then, if you still need to find a great gift - check out our selection of towels, twists, headbands, and more!