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Don’t Fry Your Hair Just Dry Your Hair: Tips for Healthy Tresses

Your hair is vulnerable to so many environmental factors such as excessive heat and chemicals from product use. Here are some tips for healthy tresses.

Did you know that the health of your hair has a huge impact on your self-confidence? This is why a bad hair day always gets us down in the dumps. 

Those bad hair days often come around due to the declining health of your beautiful tresses. The good news is that there are many different steps you can take right now to make a huge difference in the strength of your hair. 

We've put together a guide that'll help you learn everything you need to know. Check it out down below!

Know Your Hair Type

The first step to any hair care process is to understand the fact that no head of hair is the same as another. Before trying any new treatments or guides, you must understand the needs of your hair. 

Curly hair will always need different care than straight hair, for instance. They're different in almost every way in terms of maintaining their strength and style. This is why we've focused our guide on elements that work for as many hair types as possible.

It's also a good idea to pay attention to the way your hair reacts to the new ways in which you're treating it. If you notice things getting worse, stop right away and try something else!

Avoid Excessive Heat

Do you often style your hair using curling irons and other heated tools? They achieve cute results, but the problem is that they're causing a lot of damage to your hair. If you're not careful, you could fry your hair before you even realize it. 

That's why it's vital to your hair's health that you avoid heat like this as much as possible.

For everyday use, it's a much better idea to use styling gel to help give you the hairdo you want. This protects your hair from the damage and stress from being exposed to too much heat. Plus, styling gel often has a lot of good vitamins to give your hair a healthy boost. 

Excessive heat doesn't only come from the specific hair tools you use. If you're a big fan of super hot showers, it might be in your hair's interest to cool it down a little. The temperature of your water could be doing as much damage as a curling iron!

Don't Create Friction

Heat is the hair destroyer many people talk about, but what about friction? The delicate follicles of your hair start to degrade whenever your hair rubs against things like towels, pillowcases, and even itself.

The best way to avoid this problem is to try not to touch your hair more than necessary. Don't over-brush it or play with it too much. 

It's also vital to have the right kind of pillowcase so that you're able to sleep without worries. Satin pillowcases are the perfect choice for anyone who wants a good night's sleep without any breakage. 

Skip the Blow Dryers

Now that you understand the dangers of heat and friction, it's no surprise to learn that a blow dryer is often your worst enemy when it comes to hair health. It's a convenient tool whenever you're in a hurry, but it demands a terrible burden from your hair follicles. 

When you need a quick fix, it's better to do a rough dry. This is where you focus the airflow of the dryer only onto the roots of your hair. As soon as the roots are dry, turn off the machine and use your fingers to fluff out the rest of your hair. 

With the roots dry, the rest will dry much faster. It's still better to use the proper towels and natural drying process for best results, but this is a great option when you're in a hurry!

Use Hair Towels

When it's time to dry your hair, hair towels are your best friends. These special towels are different from your ordinary towels.

Instead of providing a rough surface that doesn't do much, specific hair towels work like magic. They're soft, durable, and designed to soak up as much water as possible without ever causing too much friction on your hair. 

This gives you hair that dries quickly without running the risk that you're doing more damage than good. 

Make sure you look for high-quality hair towels. Choosing the right towel makes a huge difference in the towel's performance!

Leave the Bathroom

Do you stay in the bathroom after your shower and get ready for your day? It's a habit that many of us do, but it's not a helpful step if you want your hair to dry as fast as possible. 

All of that moisture left over from the shower makes it harder for your hair to dry. This leads us towards the evil path of the hairdryer as a quick fix. 

Instead, set up a station somewhere else in your home. This gives your hair everything it needs to dry without any problems and protects it from the detriments of being wet for too long. 

Pay Extra Attention to the Ends

When you're trying to grow your hair out after a lot of excessive damage, it's important that you pay attention to the ends of your hair. Many of us focus on the roots but the ends have much to do with the overall health of your hair. 

Whenever you apply a product or wash your hair, take some time to give those ends special attention. This kind of treatment prevents split ends and helps your hair stay frizz-free!

Treat Your Tresses Right to Feel Great Every Single Day

By following even a few steps in this guide, you'll get your tresses back to their original beauty in no time at all. It's the best way to ensure that your hair looks its best so that you feel more confident everywhere you go. 

Don't hesitate to give your hair the extra attention it needs to help you both feel better!

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