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Bleach Blogs: Protecting Bleached Hair from Summer Sunshine

If you're curious about protecting bleached hair from summer sunshine, we've got you covered. Learn more about it here!

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Did you know that only 1.8% of the adult population can say they have natural, blonde hair? It is no secret that true blondes are rare. That is why so many people covet those golden or shocking white locks.

If you aren't a true blonde, don't worry. You can easily hit the salon and request hair treatment that will bleach out your hair.

But people do not realize that blonde hair requires maintenance and the proper shampoos to keep it from experiencing damage. If you're curious about protecting bleached hair from summer sunshine, we've got you covered. Learn more about it here!

Fight UV Rays

Along with damaging your hair, the sun's ultraviolet rays (UV rays) can cause scalp cancer. Due to this fact, we should all make it a habit to protect our hair and scalps the same way that we do our skin.

That is especially true for people with light or fair hair. The sun's rays can penetrate through your hair more than they would a brunette. When the rays hit your hair color, they start to make it fade.

That results in your bleached blonde hair dye turning orange or brassy. To prevent this, always spray your hair with a UV protectant.

You wouldn't go tan without using sunscreen. Well, the same goes for your hair. Think of the protective spray like your hair's sunscreen. 

If you swim in a pool, the mixture between chlorine and the sun can make a nasty combo. But you can buy a reparative hair bleach kit to battle against this issue.

What you do is wet your hair down, then apply the repair kit treatment. Afterward, tie your hair into a ponytail or a tight bun. You want to keep away from any sprays that contain oil.

If you have this ingredient in your hair, it will cook under the sun just like it does when you apply heat to a frying pan. When this happens, your hair will burn and become dry. 

Keep Your Hair Healthy

If you have platinum hair, then the summertime will put some wear and tear on it. It is best to prepare for this by keeping your hair healthy all year round.

The first step to doing this is to ensure your condition with every shower. Some people only use shampoo and don't realize the hydrating and cleaning effect comes from their conditioner.

If you do not condition after you shampoo, it can leave your hair dry and brittle. Of course, you can't choose any conditioner off of the shelves. You want ingredients that add nourishment and shine.

For bleach blonde hair, you also want a conditioner with protein. When we go to the salon and strip the color from our hair, they also take away the proteins in the follicles. To add that protein back in, search for shampoo and conditioner that boasts protein restoration. 

Vitamins are also a necessity to anyone's hair care routine and health. Luckily, there are thousands of hair, skin, and nail vitamins for you to try.

That said, one of the tops recommended for growing thick, healthy hair is Biotin. The Biotin vitamin contains B7, which stimulates keratin growth. If you keep up a steady vitamin routine, it can also speed up how fast your hair grows per month. 

By implementing these strategies, you prepare your hair for the summer. If you have strong, healthy locks, then some sun damage won't be too bad. But if your hair is already dry, it might worsen and break off. 

Perform Aftercare

After you enjoy your fun in the sun, you have to perform aftercare. You can't just go home and go to bed. You don't want to let saltwater or chlorine linger on your scalp because it will turn your blonde hair green.

That means it is time that you invent an aftercare routine for your hair. The first thing you want to do is take a shower. Rinse off anything still present in your hair and give your scalp a nourishing scrub.

After your shower, apply a hair mask. It is up to you what type you use.

Some stay on your hair for a few minutes, while others take hours to settle in. A good hair mask will add nutrients to your hair and hydrate it at the same time. 

Use a Turbie Twist

Turbie Twist provides several options for protective hair care. Our towels and accessories have a gentle touch. That way, they don't pull on your scalp.

You can use our Turbie Twist towel to dry your hair after swimming. Or, if you don't want to go through the hassle of using UV sprays, you can use the towels in place of a hat. They will block out the sun and keep your bleach blonde hair safe. 

Wash With Violet Shampoos

Whether you are bleaching your hair at home or a salon, you want to choose the right shampoo. For fair-haired people, shampoo with a violet base is the best option.

The purple color will act as a toner. So, if you start to notice a brassy color coming through, hit your head with some purple shampoo. The color will soak up those oranges and brassy tones. 

Turbie Twist for Protecting Bleached Hair

As you can tell, there are several methods you must implement to ensure the summer sun does not damage your hair. While all hair colors can take sun damage, bleached hair seems to get the worst of it. Remember to condition and perform aftercare.

And the best shampoos are always violet or purple! We hope this article helps you add to your summer hair care routine. At Turbie Twist, we can help in protecting bleached hair with our products.

We provide turbans and towels that keep the frizz down and protect your gorgeous locks. If you want to find out more, then contact us today. We are more than happy to answer your hair care questions!