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Best Fabrics for Healthier Hair and Skin

Fabrics play a role in the health of both your hair and your skin. What are the best fabrics to use? Learn all about them here.

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You may not realize it, but the fabrics you use can actually play a role in skin and hair health.

Whether you're wrapping your wet hair or drying off your face, what are the best fabrics to use on a daily basis?

Read on to learn more about which fabrics are best for your skin, your hair, and your body for a healthier you.

Comfy Cotton

Cotton is an all-natural fabric that is also hypoallergenic, which makes it an excellent choice for your skin. Cotton is breathable and sustainable, so it's also eco-friendly.

Another perk of cotton fabric is that it's inexpensive and easy to find. The diameter of cotton fiber is extremely thin, which is why it's so soft to the touch. It's also a great insulator to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Cotton is moisture-wicking, which means that it draws wetness and moisture away from you. Use a cotton towel to wrap your hair, dry off your face, or dry your body for a soft, absorbent experience.

You can also use cotton pads for facial cleansing and makeup removal. This "miracle fabric" is hypoallergenic, so it won't cause any irritation or unwanted reactions.

Smooth Silk is One of the Best Fabrics

If luxury is what you're looking for, silk is one of the best fabrics you can buy. This sleek fabric is also hypoallergenic due to its unusual protein structure.

You'll find silk used in things like hair ties and pillowcases to help prevent things like tangles, wrinkles, and creases of the skin. Many people opt to use silk as a hair wrap, since it won't damage the hair follicle or cause it to break.

Using silk fabric for your skin helps prevent tearing and wrinkling. The protein material helps to keep your skin firm and smooth without causing any irritation.Ā 

Silk is certainly luxurious, but it is not quite as moisture-absorbing as cotton or other fabrics. However, if you want to use it for sheets, pillows, and hair accessories, it's a fantastic choice.

Since silk is smooth and cool to the touch, it's the perfect choice for pillowcases. Switch out your current pillowcase for silk, and you'll notice its cooling effects right away.

Fabulous Flax or Linen Fabric

You'll likely see this fabric listed as linen, but it may also be called flax, since it is made from fibers found in the flax plant. This versatile fabric is extremely strong, thanks to these plant-based fibers.

One unique feature of linen is that it can actually get stronger when it gets wet! It's also great at regulating temperature, and it's completely non-allergenic.

Linen is a wonderful choice for the hair, since it's anti-static and won't cause frizz. It's able to absorb up to 20-percent moisture before it even starts to feel damp!

One other perk of linen is that it is antibacterial, so germs won't sit and hang around on the fabric. You can find it used to make clothing, towels, and other products like sheets or furniture upholstery.

Eco-Friendly HempĀ 

While hemp isn't as common as other fabrics, it is slowly starting to steal the spotlight as one of the best fabrics available. This toxin-free plant does not require herbicides to grow, which means it's completely organic.

Hemp also grows extremely fast, so it is a sustainable fiber that won't contribute to things like deforestation. The plant requires less water, too, contributing to its eco-friendly reputation.

Hemp fabric is amazingly durable and it also gets softer with every single wash. The fabric lasts longer than most other natural fibers and uses natural coloring. That means there are no fabric dyes required to use and enjoy hemp at home.

You can find hemp used to make clothing and bags, but it's also becoming a popular choice for towels, too. Look for it online or at local markets so you can enjoy an eco-friendly fabric that's also good for you.

The Miracle of Microfiber

When it comes to extremely soft and absorbent fabric, microfiber is one of the best that money can buy. This soft material is lightweight yet incredibly absorbent, which means it's perfect for hair towels.

Using a microfiber hair towel will help your hair dry faster than any other fabric, and it can also help to reduce frizz and breakage. Another perk of choosing microfiber is that it's readily available and inexpensive.

Aside from towels, you'll find microfiber used in athletic clothing thanks to its impressive moisture-wicking abilities. This fabric can pull water and sweat away from the body rather than just absorbing it.

Because microfiber has an increased surface area, it can absorb moisture faster and hold more than most other fabrics. In fact, it can hold up to a stunning seven times its weight in water!

Use microfiber to dry your hair, body, and face and you will notice the difference. This affordable fabric comes in a myriad of colors, too.

Choosing the Perfect Fabric For You

Now that you know a bit more about some of the best fabrics, it's easy to find products that will keep your skin and hair healthy. Whether it's moisture absorbent or eco-friendly, these fabrics are here to make your life easier.

Choose the cool, smooth feeling of silk or try a lightweight microfiber hair wrap. No matter what you choose, you'll love the versatility of these amazing fabrics.

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