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Always Choose the Best: What to Look for When Buying a Satin Pillowcase

What's the best satin pillowcase in the market today? Read this ultimate guide to know what you should look for when buying a satin pillowcase.

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What if you could make your hair look better simply by sleeping on it?

Americans spend about $75 per year per consumer unit on hair care products. After all, your hair is your crowning glory. As one of the first things other people will notice about you, good hair is important to your overall appearance.

Did you know that the type of pillowcase you use can have an effect on the health and beauty of your hair? Keep reading to learn about the benefits of using a satin pillowcase and what to look for when buying one. 

What's so Bad About Cotton?

Cotton is not a smooth material. As such, there is friction between your hair and the pillowcase as you move around in your sleep. 

This friction can damage the hair strands and eventually lead to breakage. Ever examined your pillowcase in the morning? You might find that you've left strands of hair all over the place.

Cotton also absorbs moisture quite well. This is great when you need a shirt that will soak up your perspiration on a hot day. This is not great when you're putting your hair on it for hours at a time. 

Your hair needs moisture to retain its luster and shine and stay healthy. Thus, dehydrated hair tends to look limp and lifeless and will break more easily.

Benefits of a Satin Pillowcase

A satin pillowcase addresses both concerns about cotton that we just mentioned. The material is smooth and slippery. This allows your hair to move more freely across the fabric, pulling on it less and drastically reducing breakage.

On top of that, satin does not have the same moisture-wicking properties. This helps keep the moisture in your hair, where it should be.

As a bonus, satin pillowcases are also good for your skin, for the same reasons. Having hydrated skin is very important as part of your skincare routine and a satin pillowcase will not suck the moisture out of your skin as you sleep.

The smoothness of satin also won't tug and pull at your skin, potentially causing irritation or damage.

What Is Satin?

Let's back up a moment. What exactly is satin?

It might surprise you to know that satin is actually a type of weave rather than a type of raw material. Satin can be made from various materials including silk, nylon, polyester, rayon, and even wool.

A satin weave consists of going over X number of threads and under one. Thus a 4/1 satin weave means it goes over four, under one. A 7/1 weave means it goes over 7 and under one, and so on. 

All the interweaving that happens in the production of many fabrics is what makes them feel rough to the touch. Reducing the number of interweavings produces a soft, shiny front and a dull, matte back to the fabric.

This happens regardless of which material you start with. So, though it seems counterintuitive, satin made from silk or wool end up with the same basic texture.

Of course, there is a difference in the overall quality and softness of the final product. Polyester satin will never compare with the luscious feel of real silk satin. But it's a far cry from what you typically think that polyester feels like. 

Choosing Your Satin Pillowcase

Now it comes down to picking out the satin pillowcase you want to sleep on. The first thing to decide is what type of satin you want to buy. 

The absolute best quality satin is made from pure silk. It's also quite expensive, which is why some people opt for cheaper fibers with a satin weave. Amazingly, most satin has a similar feel even though the raw fibers used can be completely different.

However, there will be some differences.


Because of the weave, most satin does not allow for a lot of airflow. On top of that, silk is an insulator. If you tend to sleep hot, you may find silk to be uncomfortable for sleeping. It can cause you to sweat, and it is not very good for your skin to be wet all night.

However, if you live in a cool climate or tend to be cold when you sleep, you'll love the insulating qualities of silk. Not to mention it makes you feel like royalty.

Nylon and polyester also tend to be insulating, so you may want to opt for a different type of satin if you sleep hot.


Cleaning your satin pillowcase regularly is very important. Otherwise, bacteria and oils will build up, causing problems for both your skin and your hair.

Some types of satin should be dry cleaned or washed by hand. Be sure to check the manufacturer's cleaning instructions when choosing your satin pillowcase. For convenience, you want one that is machine-washable.


Satin pillowcases can vary greatly in price. You can find an inexpensive polyester satin set for less than $10. Or you can spend $46 for just one 100% Mulberry silk satin pillowcase. 

Take a look at reviews if possible before purchasing. Inexpensive pillowcases may work just as well for what you need as a top of the line, exorbitantly expensive one.

Consider this great deal. Get a satin pillowcase and a Turbie Towel for just $14.99. This combo gives you all the tools to gently dry your hair and keep your hair healthy all night long!

Say Goodbye to Bad Hair Days

Who knew that it could be so easy to say goodbye to bad hair days? People all across the country are discovering that they can shave time off their morning hair routine and enjoy healthier skin and hair, simply by sleeping on a satin pillowcase. 

Whoever said that beauty is pain obviously didn't know this amazing beauty secret! 

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