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7 Common Hair Styling Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Giving your hair the right style requires knowing what can hinder your progress. Here are common hair styling mistakes and how to avoid them.

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According to one survey, American women spend approximately $55,000 on hair care in their lifetimes. That's enough money to buy a brand new luxury car! 

With so much money on the line, you want to be sure that every penny you are spending is worthwhile. But chances are some of the things you are doing to your hair every day are causing more harm than good.

Here are seven common hair styling mistakes that could be leaving your locks parched, frizzy, or dull, and some tips to help you avoid them.

1. Forgetting the Protectant

Just as slathering on the SPF every morning is important for protecting your skin from the sun's harmful rays, so too is it important to protect your hair. The sun, heat styling, and even pollution can make your hair dull and dry and make colored hair fade more quickly. 

Luckily, there are products on the market that can help you combat damage caused by heat and your environment. Before blasting your hair with the blow dryer, spray some heat protectant on your locks to help ward off the damaging heat. If you live in a sunny location, try spritzing your hair with some UV protection before you step outside each morning. 

2. Wearing Tight Hairstyles

Whether we're hitting the gym, washing our face, or trying a sleek 'do for a night out, we all have a few tight hairstyles that we love. But did you know that a tight hairstyle is one of the common causes of hair loss?

When your hair is up in a ponytail or held back with elastic, the tension pulling on the hair at the root can lead to permanent hair loss. This is particularly true for long hair styles.

To avoid making this mistake, try adding some different hair styles to your everyday rotation that are looser. When you do need to pull your hair back from your face, rethink the headbands and hair ties you are reaching for. Pick styles won't tug on the hair and cause tension at the root.

3. Turning Up the Heat

There's nothing quite like a sleek blowout or the beachy texture you can achieve with some heat styling. But, using heat strips hair of moisture and makes it more prone to breakage. Excessive heat styling can actually break down the hydrogen bonds in your hair that gives it its natural texture. 

To minimize damage, wait until your hair has completely dried before styling with a curling iron or flat iron. Instead of blasting the blow dryer, pulling out the tongs, or turning up the flat iron every day, try letting your hair air-dry more often.

4. Friction and Frizz

If you feel like you are in a constant battle with frizz, you might want to rethink some of your everyday hair care practices. 

Using a microfiber towel to dry your hair could be the quick and easy solution you are looking for. These towels are best at absorbing moisture without dragging your hair and creating the friction that creates frizz. Bonus points: they help your hair dry faster so you can skip the blow dryer and spare your hair the heat!

Have you noticed that your hair is frizzier when you wake up in the morning than it was when you went to sleep? Try swapping out your pillowcase. A satin pillowcase will eliminate the friction that happens when you roll around while you sleep.

5. Washing Too Much or Too Little

Washing your hair too much can strip the natural oils from your hair that help to keep your scalp healthy and hair looking shiny and bright. But wait too long between showers and you might have a build-up of product that your regular shampoo can't cut through. Over time, this can weigh your hair down making it look flat.

How often you should wash your hair depends on your hair type and lifestyle. But generally, experts suggest that you should wait to wash your hair until it's visibly dirty.

If you find that your hair isn't getting clean no matter how hard you scrub in the shower, try using a clarifying shampoo once a week. These shampoos will help to cut through the product build-up to leave you with squeaky clean locks.

6. Lathering On the Product

Though there are many hair styling products that you shouldn't skip when you're styling your hair, using every product you can find isn't the solution. Too much product weighs down your hair and leaves it looking greasy.

Instead, experiment with different products to find a handful of different things that work best for your hair. It's also important to note that what works for you one day might not work the next day. Sometimes your hair will be craving moisture and other times it will need something else.

7. Skipping Haircuts

Most people fall into the habit of waiting until their ends are visibly dry and their hair is breaking before heading to the salon to get a fresh cut. However, regular haircuts actually help your hair grow faster while looking healthier.

How often you should get your hair cut depends on your hair's texture and length. Generally, experts say every 4-6 weeks is a good general practice that will work for most.

If you aren't sure, check in with your hair stylist. They will be able to tell you if you've waited too long between trims or if you can afford to wait another week or so before getting back into the chair.

Avoid Hair Styling Mistakes Once and For All

Even with top-of-the-line hair products, if you're making these hair styling mistakes, you aren't giving your locks the love they deserve. But with proper care, your hair will look and feel its best.

At Turbie Twist, we are committed to making every day a good hair day! Styling your hair should be quick, convenient, and give you the best results every time.

If you want to know how our products can help to update your hair care routine, contact us today!