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6 Tips for Using an Absorbent Hair Towel

Do you know how to use an absorbent hair towel? Learn about some techniques here in this helpful breakdown on the subject.

Hair dry time is often one of the biggest disruptions to an efficient beauty routine. For many, there seems to only be two options; wait hours for a fully dry head or inflict massive amounts of heat damage to the hair getting it dry quickly. 

Luckily, those aren't really the only options and there's a solution to help your hair dry quickly without all the added trauma to it.

An absorbent hair towel can help remove all of the excess moisture from your hair while you go about the rest of your routine. You'll need much less time with the blow dryer and still be ready for any type of styling you wish. For those new to using this amazing tool, here are our best hair towel drying tips to set you up for the most amazing hair days of your life! 

1. Place it Carefully 

When you're first starting to use a hair towel, it's a good idea to take some time to practice placing it on your head. It's not difficult to do but can take a few adjustments to get it just right. 

The key is finding the right balance between feeling comfortable on your head and tight enough to draw out the moisture. Too loose and you won't see any quick drying results. Too tight and you're bound to get a headache or sore neck. Right in the middle is the sweet spot where you'll see the best results. 

Start with the elastic laying on the base of the neck, then twist the hair and towel around until you feel it's secure. The tail of the towel will be tucked neatly into the elastic loop. Many find bending over is the easiest way to do this! 

2. Choose the Right Fabric 

Not all hair towel wraps are created equal and choosing the right fabric is another important factor to consider. If you're going to switch from using your regular bath towels, you want to make it worth the effort! So choosing the fabric that will give you the best results is crucial. 

The main two options you'll find are microfiber and cotton, each has its own set of pros and cons based on your specific hair. 

Microfiber hair towels are known for their ability to soak up large amounts of water while reducing frizz and damage. The soft fibers are light enough to not impose too much weight and pressure on the hair, which gives you a lot of added volume. On the other hand, cotton has more texture and can hold thicker hair better in a lot of cases. 

Both options are a vast improvement from your typical bath towel, so you can't go wrong. But it's a good idea to take some time to decide which would work best for your hair type, style, length, and thickness. This will ensure you get the results you want. 

3. Give it Time 

Even though a hair towel wrap is primarily used to cut down on drying time after the hair has been washed, it's important to still allow enough time for it to work. Unfortunately, it's not an instant process. 

The hair wrap needs some time to pull out all of that extra moisture and water. It's a good idea to test out the hair wrap on a few days when you have extra time. Experiment with how long you let it sit and see how that affects blow drying time and the final style. That way you can factor in the perfect amount of time to your daily routine. 

4. Be Gentle 

One of the biggest issues hair faces is damage and breakage, which can happen for a variety of reasons. For many people, drying their hair with a blow dryer is a huge source of damage. It dries it out and makes it more prone to cracking, not to mention how unhealthy the strands look. 

Using a hair towel makes it already a more gentle way of drying your hair. But it's also important to be extra careful when handling the hair in and out of the towel. You'll be amazed at the difference these steps make in how your hair looks! 

5. Wash Your Towel Properly

While these hair towels are built to last and help you dry your hair for years to come, it's important to take care of them properly to continue to see all of their benefits in your hair. 

After every use, the towel should be laid flat in a place with enough airflow to dry thoroughly. If you put it away when it's still wet, you'll not only get a moldy, smelly towel, but one that won't work either. The fibers will begin to break down and lose their absorbent quality. 

Every few uses, the towel should be washed on a gentle cycle without any fabric softeners added for best results. 

6. Utilize a Lasting Style 

Since you're trying to avoid as much heat as possible by using a hair towel, you should also focus on your styling techniques. 

The best thing you can do is use styling tools and processes that will last for many days. This reduces the need to work with the hair and keep your hair strong and healthy, while still looking great! 

Adding an Absorbent Hair Towel to Your Beauty Routine 

A hairstyle can completely change an entire look, make you feel confident, and help you take on the day. It can be frustrating to feel like you can't take proper care of your hair because of the extended time it takes to dry. 

Adding an absorbent hair towel to your beauty routine can completely take away this frustration. Instead of feeling stuck, you can adapt it to help you get the style you're looking for while still maintaining a healthy head of hair. It works for all types of hair and all ages; everyone can benefit from a hair towel wrap. 

If you're interested in learning more about how these towels can help you or see the cute options to choose from, contact us today!