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5 Hair Fixing Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

There are many ways to care for and maintain hair, including buying great tools to help. Click here to find the hair fixing tricks and tips you want to know.

Hair fixing tips and tricks


Do you know the secret to perfect hair

You're either born with it, or you learn the best tricks to achieve it. Now, if your genes have given you glossy, healthy hair, great. You still need to take care of it, though, to make sure your crowning glory stays that way. 

If you're not so lucky, however, that's okay. Even those with great hair will sometimes have days when they can't seem to manage their mane. 

The good news is whether you have good hair most of the time or not, there are hair fixing tips and tricks that can help you minimize those bad hair days. Here are 5 of them.

1. Master the Different Ways to Do a Ponytail

A ponytail is one of those hairstyles that can look super casual or fancy, and it's easy enough to do, which is great for days when you're running late. 

If you have fine hair, though, you might find that your pony looks a bit droopy. You can give it an extra lift by using two hair ties or propping it up with bobby pins.

Another trick for fine-haired ladies is to double up. Here, you'll separate your hair into two sections.

Again, you'll use two hair ties, one for each section, making sure that the upper pony falls on top of the second pony. This results in a pony that looks fuller and longer. 

2. Use Hair Fixing Tools Without Damaging Your Locks

Hair fixing tools, specifically hot tools have made styling easier. However, if they're not used properly, you risk damaging your hair.

Some mistakes to avoid include using the highest heat setting. Even if this will give you quick results, it doesn't mean it's the best temperature setting for your hair type. You need to experiment a bit to find the right heat setting for smoothing or curling your hair, but you should keep in mind that it shouldn't go over 350 degrees.

Another mistake to avoid is foregoing the use of a heat protectant. It's a must you invest in one if you often use a hot tool such as a curling wand or a hair straightener. When you forget to not use the highest heat setting, it will be the heat protectant product that will burn off, and not your hair. 

3. Learn How to Get Rid of Hair Product Buildup

Aside from knowing how to use tools to fix your hair, you also need to learn how to use hair styling products.

The general rule is to not use too much, especially when you don't wash your hair often. This leads to residues making themselves at home on your scalp, which can make your hair sticky and full of flakes. 

To get rid of these hair dulling residues, you can use a clarifying shampoo once a month. You may need to use it every other week if you swim a lot. Another clarifying treatment you could try is an apple cider vinegar rinse. 

No, it doesn't smell that good, and you can't use it neat (you should always dilute it), but it can help eliminate product buildup fast. Plus, it's good for restoring the natural pH of your hair and scalp, so just bear with the stink for a bit. It will go away when your hair dries.

4. Don't Let Frizzies Ruin Your Day

Does your hair always look static-y? 

If you're wondering why you can't seem to get rid of the static in your hair, it could be because of your hair condition. Don't forget that dry hair and static make a perfect match, so if you want to reduce frizzies, you have to bring moisture back to your hair.

Look for conditioning treatments or masks that can help lock in moisture. You can also try using an ionic blowdryer or a metal comb. These can help remove electrical charges from your hair.  

Other tricks you can try include rubbing your hair with a dryer sheet and using a leave-in conditioner. If you're fond of wearing hats, headbands, and scarves, make sure you avoid synthetic fibers, as these are more likely to induce static.

5. Remember: Satin Pillowcases Are Essential for Beauty Sleep

Never underestimate the beauty benefits of a satin pillowcase.

Not only do satin pillowcases help prevent wrinkles, but they can also help prevent tangles and frizz. Unlike traditional pillowcases, satin ones have a smooth surface that reduces tugging on the skin. If you often sleep on your side, investing in satin pillowcases will be a necessary step in your anti-aging regimen.

As for your hair, satin pillowcases can help keep your tresses hydrated. Take note that blended cotton is porous, meaning it can absorb your hair's moisture. This is also the reason why you're better off using pure cotton or a special microfiber towel for drying your hair. 

If your hair always feels dry, try a silk pillowcase. Pair it with a super absorbent microfiber towel that can help absorb water gently, and you can wake up to gorgeous hair, every day.

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Need More Hair Fixing Tips and Tricks?

Now that you know the best hair fixing tricks, do you still need more advice on how to have picture-perfect hair?

If yes, feel free to stick around. We have tons of tips to help you achieve your dream hair. From the best ways to fix your frayed hair to perfecting your micro plopping technique, and more, we have plenty of posts that discuss how to solve the most common hair woes.